Monday, September 15, 2008

SDI,MDI, Views, MFC, Doc View Architecture, threading applications

SDI/Splitter Window/MDIA simple splitter window exampleDynamic splitter windowAn MDI applicationOpening different types of documents in MDI applicationShellDisplaying icon in the system trayUsing Shell File OperationThreadsCreating and closing threads programmatically
Displaying list of processes running in the system
Worker ThreadUser Interface ThreadThread Synchronization Using MutexThreads Synchronization Using EventsUsing Critical SectionMore On User Interface ThreadViewsWindows Explorer like applicationSorting items of a list view control on clicking on the column
Creating Wordpad like application using Rich Edit viewA Scroll view applicationCreating a Browser

Visual C++ Projects

File I/OSorting the text file
File Properties
DiskFull Disk informationGDIRotating TextCreating clipartsMarquee rectangleBow and ArrowRolling Your Own Mapping Modes
Gradient FillHelpCreating HTML help systemInternetBrowser applicationFTP ExplorerMAPIFile Operations Using HTTPFile Operations Using FTPInternet Programming - Using FTP
Using ISAPI Extension DLLAccessing Database Using ISAPIKeyboardRecognizing which shift/toggle key is pressedToggle Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys programaticallyShuffleMenuOwnerdrawn menu with colored linesOwnerdrawn menu with bitmapsAttaching menu items to the system menuMouseDisplaying mouse coordinates in status barMemory gameTic Tac ToeOpenGlDrawing simple shapesColoured cubeScreen SaverPalettePalette demoPalette AnimationHow Windows Uses ColorsPrintingA Sample Printing ApplicationPrinting a text fileRegistryA program that runs only for limited hoursTip Of The Day
Screen SaverCreating a simple screen saver
MiscellaneousBalloon tooltipHiding window button from task barChanging shape of a windowAdding Splash Screen component
Adding Multimedia componentMCIWndRect TrackerCreating Control Panel AppletConverting a number to wordsHardware InformationHardware InformationWindows HookXOR Encryptor

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